Friday, October 28, 2011

Happily Ever After ... {Printable}

Had a few minutes earlier while Taelor was at school and Kasen took a quick nap after a fun morning at his Fall festival so I made a simple printable perfect for anyone living in their happily ever after life, like me !

I feel very blessed lately and wanted to spread the happiness !

(I have it set to 8x10)

Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting ! ! !

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin and Ghost Oh My

Here's a quick last minute craft you can do with your
little Ghost and Goblins before Halloween.

All you need is : construction paper (white for the Ghost and orange for the Pumpkin), streamers ( white for the Ghost/ Green or Black for the Pumpkin), scissors, a glue stick, tape, a hole punch and string (not pictured).
I ended up cutting out the eyes and mouth for my little goblins. Have them glue them on the front of the construction paper, than flip the paper over and using tape (its easier) attach strips of streamers to the bottom of the paper.
Next roll the paper into a tube and tape the sides together, than using the hole punch, make two holes on opposite sides, tie a piece of string or yarn through.
And Boo !!! You've got a Ghost !
Exact same concept for the pumpkin,
either cut out the face or have the little goblins cut them out.
Attach your green (or black) streamer.
And easy as Pumpkin Pie you've got a Pumpkin !
Kasen made both also but didn't want to take the time to take pictures, he just wanted them hung up, those are his in the first picture :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mickey & Minnie T-Shirts

Hi Everyone !!!I'm back after a much need Vacation and after a week in Sunny California all I want to do it go back !!  We had the best time. We spent five days in Disneyland and attended Mickey's Halloween Party, if you've never been and you love Halloween as much as we do (Halloween is sometimes bigger than Christmas here at the Simply Crafty house) than I HIGHLY recommend it. It was so much fun and there was so much to do. Dancing, Trick-or-Treating, Music, and Villains galore. We will definitely be going back !

Before we even left I wanted to make shirts for our Surfs Up ! Breakfast with Mickey and Friends. Again, if you like doing the Character Breakfasts I HIGHLY recommend this one its so much fun and has double the characters as the other breakfasts. We had gone previously and loved it so much we went again this year and we will more than likely do it every time we go back !!  Any who, I wanted to make us all shirts to wear to the breakfast but nothing to matchy, matchy. So I went with a simple yet cute idea. . .

Start off with a solid color shirt of your choosing..  
Cut out a Mickey Mouse head template onto a piece of card stock,
 I used one cut from my Cricut
but there is tons of templates all over the Internet.
After its all cut out pin to a piece of black felt. And cut that out.
Spray a light layer of Spray adhesive onto the Mickey head.
and center onto the front of your shirt.
If your quick and its off centered you can readjust,
but this stuff is very sticky so be QUICK!
Next, do a light stitch using black thread around the Mickey Head.
And for the girls just add a bow to make your Mickey a Minne
When you're all done sewing, pack your Mickey-tastic shirts and enjoy at your Disneyland vacation or in our case a
 cowabunga Surfs Up Breakfast with Mickey himself.

(The only thing I would have changed after they were all done was , I would have made red shirts for both the boys. Taelor's 'Mickey' didn't show up to well in any of the pictures, but looked great in person)
Anyone have a Disney vacation coming up ? ?
We've been back less than four days and
I'm already planning our next trip !!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

M.I.C.K.E.Y .

Sorry I've been MIA this week ... I've been busy painting, painting and painting some more. I'll be sharing with you soon what I've been painting! But for now I want to share with you the easy-peasy shirt I made for the boys for our Disneyland trip , which we leave for THIS Sunday !!! I'm so excited I've been planning this trip for over three months now and its finally here ! A week in California, four days in Disneyland, one Mickey's Halloween Party equals a Super excited family ! 

Now that my excitement rant is over onto the shirt !
First thing first you'll need a plain black shirt.
I bought each little man a shirt for $3.00 each on sale at Target.

Look around your kitchen and find your 'Mikcye'.
I found mine using a bowl and two Olive Garden cups.
Next, I traced the bowl and cups with a white crayon.
Now just follow the white crayon outline with your color choice of puffy paint. I went with orange since it will be Halloween galore when we are in Disneyland and they'll be able to wear it again the week leading up to Halloween.

After tracing with the paint, I let each shirt dry for 24 hours.
And there you have it an easy DIY Mickey Mouse shirt !!

Happy Crafting !!
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