Saturday, October 8, 2011

M.I.C.K.E.Y .

Sorry I've been MIA this week ... I've been busy painting, painting and painting some more. I'll be sharing with you soon what I've been painting! But for now I want to share with you the easy-peasy shirt I made for the boys for our Disneyland trip , which we leave for THIS Sunday !!! I'm so excited I've been planning this trip for over three months now and its finally here ! A week in California, four days in Disneyland, one Mickey's Halloween Party equals a Super excited family ! 

Now that my excitement rant is over onto the shirt !
First thing first you'll need a plain black shirt.
I bought each little man a shirt for $3.00 each on sale at Target.

Look around your kitchen and find your 'Mikcye'.
I found mine using a bowl and two Olive Garden cups.
Next, I traced the bowl and cups with a white crayon.
Now just follow the white crayon outline with your color choice of puffy paint. I went with orange since it will be Halloween galore when we are in Disneyland and they'll be able to wear it again the week leading up to Halloween.

After tracing with the paint, I let each shirt dry for 24 hours.
And there you have it an easy DIY Mickey Mouse shirt !!

Happy Crafting !!

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gginflag said...

They turned out great..very nice

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