Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin and Ghost Oh My

Here's a quick last minute craft you can do with your
little Ghost and Goblins before Halloween.

All you need is : construction paper (white for the Ghost and orange for the Pumpkin), streamers ( white for the Ghost/ Green or Black for the Pumpkin), scissors, a glue stick, tape, a hole punch and string (not pictured).
I ended up cutting out the eyes and mouth for my little goblins. Have them glue them on the front of the construction paper, than flip the paper over and using tape (its easier) attach strips of streamers to the bottom of the paper.
Next roll the paper into a tube and tape the sides together, than using the hole punch, make two holes on opposite sides, tie a piece of string or yarn through.
And Boo !!! You've got a Ghost !
Exact same concept for the pumpkin,
either cut out the face or have the little goblins cut them out.
Attach your green (or black) streamer.
And easy as Pumpkin Pie you've got a Pumpkin !
Kasen made both also but didn't want to take the time to take pictures, he just wanted them hung up, those are his in the first picture :)
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