Monday, August 15, 2011

Clothespin Dragonflies (Quick Afterschool Craft)

I love crafts that are quick and easy enough to do after school between the homework and activities. And these clothespins dragon flies are just that ..quick and easy.. but Super cute. All you need is one clothespin, two Popsicle sticks and two googly eyes per dragonfly.
Have your little one color the clothespin however they want .. My little man used a pencil to hold the pin open so he could get all edges colored.
After the clothespins all colored, color both Popsicle sticks too.
Use a hot glue gun to glue on the sticks to the top in an X over the little metal clasp .. and glue the googly eyes on the very tip of the pin.
A front view of Kasen's Dragonfly.
Taelor's dragonflies.
I forgot to take a picture but we attached a thin magnet to the back and hung them on the magnetic board.. perfect to hold on to those school projects your little ones bring home.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Those are so cute! My boys would love to make them!

Stevie @ MooreBabies said...

How cute, what a super craft!

Anna said...


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