Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quiet Please . . .

This past weekend was a good friends of mines baby shower and from the moment I received the Baby Shower invitation I was brainstorming ideas for a personalized gift since I knew the little ones name.

Side note: I love knowing baby's names ahead of time because I
absolutely love personalizing gifts.

Any who back to the brainstorming. . . So one night after the boys were in bed and I was surfing the Internet the doorbell rang and not just one ring but three!, AFTER the boys had just settled down. . . so after telling the solicitor it was outrageous for them to be ringing my door bell at 8pm ! !
I went back to my craft room and -ding-
the idea for a cute little plaque came to me.

I really like how it turned out and hope Jennifer and
baby Cam enjoy it for many years too come.


Michelle said...

That turned out cute!

Emily said...

THat's adorable I so need one of those!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

LOVE this idea! It never fails that someone is going to knock on my door just as my kiddos are failing asleep at naptime!

Anna said...

I like it! Very Cute!

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