Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perfect Chocolate'y Summer Dessert

Doesn't this look super yummy. . . Boy was it !!!
Super easy to boot.

Start off by making your brownies according to the directions on the box.
I made two versions this day so that will explain the picture switching from the brownie to the chocolate chip cookie :)
I also made a giant chocolate chip cookie, using an 8x8 pan. Here's the cookie already cooled and flipped onto a cutting board. Next use a loaf pan to measure where to cut your brownie.
Here's the brownie all cut up, and yes I cut off the edges. :)
And the chocolate chip cookie, again I cut off the edges, but this is just our preference.
Next, line your loaf pan with wrap, completely covering the pan.
After the pan is all wrapped up, drop one of the cookie pieces in. Next put in some vanilla ice cream, it really helps if you let the ice cream soften a tad, so you can spread it out on top of the cookie or brownie. After the ice cream is all spread out, put another brownie/ cookie on top. Finally spread out another layer of ice cream . . Fold over the wrap, making sure its nice and sealed. Use another pan to push down a tad. And place in the freezer, normally I leave in for at least two-three hours but this dessert is easy enough to make a day or two ahead of time. After a few hours slice off a piece, drizzle a little chocolate, a dollop of whip cream and ENJOY !!


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looks yummy for those who love brownies!

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