Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Groundhog Day

Here's an easy crafty.
That you can make tomorrow, rather the little guy sees his shadow or not.
All you need is brown construction paper for the head and ears.
Black for the whiskers and nose.
White for the teeth.
Googly Eyes.
And a piece of paper (your choice of color) for the background.
(We were going to use white, but you couldn't see the teeth,
 hence the piece of white in the picture below)

Start but cutting out 'hearts' for the head and again for the teeth.

 For the teeth, make sure to turn the 'heart' upside down, behind the head piece.

Happy Groundhog Day Everyone !!
Here's to no 'Shadow' !

Sidnote: #1 I don't know why my little one wanted to wear a helmet during the craft. And #2 NO, we do not let him ride his bike with his
helmet that loose. .. This is brothers helmet :)

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