Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Back with Big News

Its been a little over two months since I last blogged
but I promise I have a very good excuse.

My last post was on October 28th and on October 31st
we signed the papers and bought a House !!!

It all happened so very fast !!
I felt like one day we were looking and the next
we were moving forward with our offer.

But the house was just so perfect for us,
 we didn't want to wait and risk losing it.

Its so much bigger than our last house.
Two extra rooms.
HUGE Living Room
Huge Master Bedroom and Bathroom
High Ceilings
Tons of wall space (Our last house was lacking in this department)
Perfect corner house, with only one neighbor.
Playground right behind our house.
Closer to where Taelor goes to school and
where Kasen will join him this year.
A little further out from the 'city'
And a big background, although it bare bones, its exactly what we wanted so in the end we have the backyard we want.

It is/ was a little bit of a fixer upper ... hence my absence from Blog Land.
I've spent the last two months painting every square inch of this house.. well almost, I still have to decide on a color for our Master Bathroom
but everywhere else has been painted !
Unpacking, organizing, decluttering, throwing tons of stuff away,
giving even more stuff away.
Spending hours deciding where everything should go.
Lovin' how much wall space I have, in the other house I had two big boxes of pictures, that there was no room for, Now I just need to decide where I want them .

All this while shopping and celebrating Christmas !!!

Any who, even though there is still tons of work to to, things have slowed down a bit so I plan on getting back to blogging
and a few projects I've had on the back burner.

Thanks for sticking with Simply Crafty and Me  !!!!


Sandy said...

How excitng!!!! I can't wait to see the photos of it! :)

Jennifer said...


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