Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine Blocks

I saw these absolutely adorable blocks over on Heartland Paper and just had to make them for my own home.

I started out by cutting 4 blocks 5" by 7" and
sanded the edges of any rough spots.
I than went through my 3! huge boxes of scrapbook paper and pulled out all the pink and valentine themed papers.
After deciding which papers I wanted to use I pulled
out the big guns. . . The Cricut. to make 4" letters. While the Cricut was cutting away,
I cut for each block a 5" by 7" piece of scrapbook paper.
After all my letters and Heart for the 'O' were cut out I moved them around on the 5" by 7" papers until they looked just right.
Than in came the modge podge to glue the paper and
letters to the blocks.
Drying Time :)
While I waiting impatiently for the blocks to dry, I dug out some Heart shaped brads and proceed to use wire cutters to cut the clips off so they would lay flat on the blocks. I also ribbon all the way around each block so the wood wouldn't scratch my entertainment center. After a little accessorizing . . . All Done :) I had so much fun making these and now enjoy looking at them on our Entertainment Center.


Karen said...

So cute! I love how they turned out. Love the heart for the "O". Love your blog ! Have a great week! When you get a chance stop by:

Lisa said...

These are super cute! I made some similar ones for Hanukkah, but it would be fun to make them for all the holidays so I could have different ones up all year!

The Crafty Gals said...

These blocks are so cute! I wish I had a Cricut, it would make things so much easier :) Thanks so much for sharing!

Mariesa M. said...

Those are really cute! I'm going to have to make some LOVE blocks :-)

Jerri said...

I love these! They turned out so cute!

Danesa said...

Super Cute! I've been thinking about how to make some similar to what you just made! Thanks for sharing!

AllieMakes! said...

Those are adorable! Great tutorial too!
You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday through Sunday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

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