Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Notepad Galore

This past Saturday was the annual retreat for the moms group we're a part of, and guess who was in charge of the favors :) I love this group and love the mamas in it even more, I've met the most awesome, generous, friendliest women and I'm proud to call them my friends !

So I knew that I was in charge of the favors for about two'ish weeks however everything I thought of wasn't good enough or didn't seem at all useful, and in the end that's what I was looking for . . something at least a little useful while still pretty to look at at. And thus begin the creation of 41 notepads.

Here's what I started with (yes, I know its upside down, I didn't realize it until after they were all done and I had uploaded the pictures) .. 41 3.5" by 5 inch frames. Here's my pretty craft session, everything all in order and pretty . .
than I invited my mom and sister over to help and wowzer ...
To make these adorable little notepads: I went through my paper stash and pulled out 40 different papers and proceeded to cut each one down to 3.5" by 5" , although in the end we ended up cutting about 50 different pieces of paper because we didn't end up liking some of the paper came embellish time.

Any way after the papers were cut we slid this into the frame and went through embellish each one differently (35+ different ladies attending the retreat meant 35+ ladies with different style).

After each one was done we used double stick tape to attach the post it to the frame, added a pen, packed them all up, took them to the retreat and let each fabulous lady was able to pick the one the suited her the best.

Here's all forty the night before the retreat. The next mornign I decided to take a close up of all the notepads.
My five favorites.
Oh and if you were wondering why I stamped a duck on the front of each notepad, its because thats are little mascot :)

Happy Crafting !


Tina said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the polka dots and buttons! :) So cute! :) You were a busy lady!

Casa Villarreal said...

I have the buttons one! I love how these turned out and loved watching the mamas pick their favors out. EVERYONE loved them so much! Thank you!

Niki said...

Wow! You did a great job! I love this idea, you can use it for SO many events.

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