Monday, June 27, 2011

Red, White and Blue Cream

Have you ever had your little ones paint with shaving cream ? ?

If not .. than I'll be honest it was
so much fun for the boys but a big mess for this mama.

But I do admit despite the mess, the end result turned out awesome. For this project you'll need : a can of shaving cream (I just got a cheap kind from the Dollar Store), a cookie sheet, white card stock, a spatula, and some paints.

Start off by squirting the shaving cream onto the cookie sheet, than use your spatula to spread it out a little bit. . Next, drop a few dots of paint here and there on the shaving cream . .
hand your little one a Popsicle stick and have them swirl the paint around a little bit. Be careful that they don't mix it in to much.
Things got a little messy with the next step and I forgot to take a picture (but its super easy) after they swirl in the paint, lay a piece of white card stock on top of the shaving cream. Don't push it down, just let it kind of 'float' on top, or just push slightly down. Than lift it up on and use your spatula to scrap off the shaving cream, which will leave you with a beautiful tie-dye- ish picture. And if you used only red and blue paint like we did, its perfect to hang them up and enjoy for the 4Th of July.

Happy Red, White and Blue Crafting.

1 comment:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

How fun! I wonder if you could do this with cool whip...then you won't have to worry about the little ones licking the shaving cream:)

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