Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do You Have a Summer List ? ?

Happy Wednesday Everyone !!!

Sorry I've been MIA, Hubby had some time off work so we've been car shopping and yesterday we finally found one !! A Chevy Uplander. I love, love, love it. I love all the bells and whistles . . Dual Doors, how on earth did I live so long without them ! Enough about the mini van . . . Summer is well under way, and in full force here in Tucson, Az . . its been 100+ all week - Yuck! -

So with Summer here what are you planning to keep your little ones busy and the 'I'm boreds' away ? ? Here in the Harper household I came up with a Summer to-do-list.

75 Fun and Entertaining Bordem Busters.

Of course, 75 may seem like a lot but a ton of these are fairly simple things ie: baking cupcakes, color, noodle necklace etc.

Do you have a Summer to do list ? ?

I would love to see it .


Rosa said...

What a fun list! Hope you're able to do everything! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I featured your post on WorkShop Wednesday!

Janet said...

Love your new van! Very nice :)

When we had to upgrade to a van, we were fortunate enough to find one with automatic DUAL doors, bucket seats and an automatic trunk! lol! It's been such a blessing :)

Anonymous said...

Our family has a Uplander also. We don't have any automatic doors but we still love our van. Its so kid/family friendly!

NewEnglandMomma said...

Love the make a house out of Popsicle sticks. I'm going to add that one to our list!

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