Wednesday, January 30, 2013

...Happily Ever After

Look what I made a few days ago ... Isn't it pretty ? ? ? 

And guess what... it was super easy and only cost me $2.00 !!!

Supply List
Wood * Paint * Wire * Stickers * Optional: Sander 

Only thing I had to buy was the stickers, two sheets $1 each... technically they aren't stickers, I couldn't find letter stickers big enough for the size of the sign I wanted, but instead, while roaming the dollar store, I saw these Wall Decals ... Perfect size and font !!! 

And we're off ....  
I precut my piece of wood and laid out the 'stickers' on the wood, carefully to set them gently on the wood, just in case I had to move them around ... after I checked and double checked that it looked right ....and checked one more time (okay, two more times) I pressed each one down, making sure they were really stuck on there. 

Next, came the paint ...
 I covered the wood with two coats and waited for it to dry to peel off the stickers.

After peeling off all the stickers I sanded the whole thing ... taking away the shiny, bright color and making it more rustic and soft. 

So I should point out that a few of the stickers 'leaked' BUT believe it or not, I love it, because life's not perfect so its fitting this signs not 'perfect' right ??? 
Even though in my opinion its perfect ;) 

Thanks for stopping by !!! 

Happy Crafting !!!

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