Thursday, June 23, 2011


I love everything Red, White and Blue. Don't you ? ?

'Red, White and Blue' and an easy craft and I'm in crafty heaven.

this project over on the Family Fun site and loved it but decided to mix things up a bit.
I saw

I started out by cutting my 12" by 12"Red, White and Blue card stock into little 6"by6" squares. I than started rolling each piece of paper into little tubes, I used double sided tape to secure each tube. (pictured below) After rolling, rolling and some more rolling I needed up with these . . I used a scrap piece of card stock and used double sided tape to stick the tubes on. Whipped out my cricut for the U.S.A. attached a ribbon to the back and Ta-Da ! I Love it on the front door !!

Come back tomorrow to see what Red, White and Blue project we made a mess with today. !!

Happy Red, White and Blue Crafting !!


gginflag said...

that's so cute

Michelle Paige said...

Fun craft! Love your festive blue painted nails in your tutorial...super cute!

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